Girl behind the lens

I am Nicole, the girl behind the lens at N-E Photography. 

I have been an artist my entire life and can't imagine life with out art. My earliest memories are of me drawing ALL the time and always taking pictures with my cheap disposable cameras. My real love for photography came to life in the dark room in high school, I have been hooked ever since. Today I continue my art out of the dark room (only because I don't have access to one of course) and in the digital world.

I LOVE, love, love... did I say LOVE? getting to be creative with my camera and editing. So if you are ever looking for a creative session just let me know, i have lots of ideas up my sleeve!

Thanks to my passion for photography, I get to be a stay at home mother to my 3 year old daughter. A dream job is what I have! I seriously love that I can raise my daughter and make money doing what I love, for that I am extremely blessed and thankful to all my clients! THANK YOU!!!

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